Men’s AA ranked by Difficulty and Execution


  1. Artur Dalaloyan- 52.298
  2. Xiao Ruoteng- 51.898
  3. Artur Davtyan- 51.640
  4. Sun Wei- 50.998
  5. Sam Mikulak- 50.673
  6. Marios Georgiou- 50.232


(Note this is just the difficulty they were credited with in the final, so many of them will have lower difficulty counted here than planned due to errors.)

  1. Nikita Nagornyy- 36.1
  2. Xiao Ruoteng- 35.7
  3. Kenzo Shirai- 35.5
  4. Artur Dalaloyan- 35.3
  5. Oleg Verniaiev- 35.2
  6. Sun Wei/Kazuma Kaya- 35.0

See the full list on MAGnastics.

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