top NCAA Men’s gymnasts (so far)

1. Zach Liebler (Minnesota)
2. Akash Modi (Stanford).
3. Colin Van Wicklen (Oklahoma)

1. Brandon Ngai (Illinois)
2. Timmy Wang (Air Force)
3. Alec Yoder (Ohio State)

Click PLAY or watch Alec’s Pommels on YouTube. Team USA could use this routine.

1. Sean Melton (Ohio State)
2. Alex Diab (Illinois)
3. Thao Hoang (Oklahoma)

Click PLAY or watch Sean’s Rings on YouTube.

1. Anthony McCallum (Michigan)
2. Yaro Pochinka (Minnesota)
3. Taylor Seaton (Stanford)

1. Yul Moldauer (Oklahoma)
2. Sean Melton (Ohio State)
3. Dennis Zaremski (Stanford)

Click PLAY or watch Yul’s P Bars on YouTube.

1. Chase Cannon (Air Force)
2. Jesse Glenn (Army)
3. Andrew Rickly (Ohio State)

1. Akash Modi (Stanford)
2. Allan Bower (Oklahoma)
3. Kevin Wolting (Cal)

Allan’s had a great season. Click PLAY or watch his Vault on YouTube.

full men’s rankings

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highest Jaeger ever?

Charlie Lakes – 1988 US Men’s Olympic Trials. His Tkachev is monster high, as well.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Note he releases with hips NOT extended. The goal is more height, less rotation.

Over on NCAA MEN’S GYMNASTICS ALUMNI there’s a comment that Charles once trained straddle Jaeger with a late 1/1 twist out! I can believe it.

coach Philippe Rizzo

The 2006 World H Bar Champion from Australia.

… “Every coach at every step of the way is no more important than another.

Especially with me now coaching the juniors, [I can see] it’s really important at every stage to have a good support network, which comes from parents as well as coaches.

It’s really important that everyone’s working together and has good communication and that the athlete is the centre of everything…making sure that everything is supporting the athlete, and not overburdening them.” …

Philippe Rizzo: From World Champion to Coach