Montreal 2017 National Symposium

In conjunction with World Championships 2017 an acrobatic sports symposium has been scheduled October 5-8th. (4 days)

Three streams to choose from: Sport Science & Health, Technical workshops and Gymnastics for All. 

Organized by Guy Lavoie, I know it’s going to be good.

Speakers include Hardy Fink, Keith Russell, Carol Angela Orchard, Peggy Liddick, Josée Cyr and a number of top sport scientists. This event is a flashback to the excellent symposium hosted in conjunction with 1985 Worlds Montreal.

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If you are looking for something different than the for profit, predictable USAG Congress events, consider this alternative.

Two pricing options:

Package 1: Montreal 2017 National Symposium $325 CAD ($240 US) + taxes

Package 2: Montreal 2017 National Symposium & tickets for the finals on Oct. 6 to 8 $405 CAD ($300 US) + taxes

Registration details.

proposed – High Diving a demonstration sport in Tokyo

High diving, mixed synchronised swimming, basketball 3×3 and BMX freestyle are among at least 25 extra events and disciplines in 15 sports proposed for inclusion at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. …

(in addition to) the five additional sports added last year to the programme just for Tokyo 2020: baseball and softball, karate, skateboarding, sport climbing and surfing. …

Inside the Games

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Russian Swing diving

The House of Dancing Water is a water-based stage production written and directed by Franco Dragone. … premiered in September 2010. …

At the center of the theatre is a 3.7 million-gallon pool. Eleven automated stage lifts that fit neatly together can be raised a meter above the water’s surface or dropped seven meters below it, creating a pool deep enough for a diver to leap from a 24-meter-high platform. …

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a new dive – 513XD

Is a dive with 1.5 somersaults and 5 twists possible?

Some sport scientists believe it is but that a different arm action would be required. The body would tilt to the point of being near horizontal at one point before untilting for entry into the water.



related – Fred Yeaden – LEARNING HOW TO TWIST FAST (PDF)

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Full Out – the movie

Full Out is now on Netflix. And on DVD.

I saw it on an airplane.

It’s great for kids.

Jennifer Beals was excellent as a tough Miss ValAna Golja and stunt double Victoria Moors were quite believable.

The cameos are fun: Alicia Sacramone, Sam Peszek, Jordyn Wieber, etc.

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Ariana Berlin’s comeback story was made for Hollywood: Nearly-fatal car accident ends a young girl’s Olympic gymnastics aspirations. Girl turns to dance but does not give up her other dream of competing for the UCLA Gymnastics team. Girl gets an opportunity to make the team at UCLA and ends up becoming an All-American.

This wasn’t an inspirational movie plot, though; this was real life. …

Sadly Director Sean Cisterna did not bother keeping the Gymnastics accurate. With very little extra cost they could have made the film far more realistic. Wrong Gymnastics will turn off a number of gymnasts and fans. 😦