Nathan Barnatt – World’s Worst Gymnast

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Good luck to his training partner Calli Ryals. 🙂

Here’s an edited Facebook VIDEO. (90sec)

If you want to see Nathan reach his goal of being a participation medalist, send him cash via

sports for gymnasts AFTER they retire

Artistic gymnasts make great circus artists. Doing stunts for TV and films can pay the bills.

Track & Field (especially Pole Vault)
Martial Arts

7 Sports to Consider When You Retire Your Leo


Candide Thovex jumps over helicopter

Watch this through until the end. Unbelievable.

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Candide Thovex (born 22 May 1982) is a French professional skier, filmmaker and entrepreneur. He is notable for his unique, creative approach to the sport of freestyle skiing …

His point of view videos routinely go viral on the internet and are viewed by millions. He is considered by many specialists to be one of the best freeskiers in the history of the sport. …

… and you thought Gymkata was good

UPDATE – Gymnast Crossing reports this film is Born to Fight, a 2004 Thai action film directed by Panna Rittikrai. Many of the actors in Born to Fight were Thai national athletes.

This film was clearly inspired by Gymkata. 🙂

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Next time I’m threatened by a machine gunner, I’ll take him out with a double pike.

Thanks Calina.

Gymkata earned a Razzie Award nomination for (Kurt) Thomas as Worst New Star.

It has developed a minor cult following as an unintentional comedy for its dubious premise, poor production quality and strange setting. Maxim lists the film as the 17th “Worst Movie of All Time”. …

crazy acrobatics compilation

Greg Roe:

A compilation of worlds best trampoline , gymnastics , tumbling , parkour , freerunning , blobbing , bmx , skateboarding , skiing , snowboarding , skydiving from athletes around the world who are talented and amazing at what they do. My favourites that have been submitted to me from my facebook fanpage or instagram.

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