decline of USA High School Gymnastics

Brian Mozey:

… 1978, the United States had 1,279 high schools and 29,943 boys participating in high school boys gymnastics. There were also 32 states that had at least one school competing in the high school level.

Fast forward to the year 2016-17, the United States has 117 high schools and 1,894 boys competing in boys gymnastics at the high school level. From 32 states in 1978 to eight states in 2016-17, there’s been a drastic decline in men’s gymnastics.

… Iowa High School Athletic Association removed boys gymnastics from its sports because of liability issues and insurance related concerns. …

The national decline of high school boys gymnastics

High School Gymnastics in Canada has nearly disappeared completely. ☹️

Mark Williams points out that Texas still has a thriving competitive High School program, WAG and MAG.

gymnasts are academically strong

Yet another example.

The Academic Progress Rate (APR) is an NCAA multi-year measurement of academic progress and an institution’s retention of student-athletes.

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