modifying Trampoline for very young children

Putting preschool kids on a competitive Trampoline bed can be dangerous. Especially if Mom or Dad climbs on with them — risking a double bounce injury to spine / neck.

Best practice is to put some kind of mat on top of the Tramp for young children.

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Katelyn Ohashi on body image

Katelyn and Maria Caire have a blog where they  post on many things including ethical issues.

Katelyn just started a series featuring excerpts from her diary as a young gymnast:

Most kids at the age of 12 were probably playing video games and doing some chores. Me? I was training at least 36 hours a week, plastered on posters and magazines, representing the US National Team.

I had no voice or option but to live up to the expectations of everyone else, so I experienced these cruel, unwanted body remarks from just about everyone— coaches, fans/gymnastics followers, National team staff, my mother, and even myself. It started when I was 13, barely weighing 70 pounds. …

Dear Standards

Her coach was Valeri Liukin now U.S. Women’s National Team coordinator. I hope Katelyn goes on GymCastic to talk about her training diaries so we can hear the full story of her WOGA experience.

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USAG also needs to respond to Aly’s recent statements.

Aly Raisman Calls Out USA Gymnastics For Its Handling Of Sexual Abuse Allegations

The rise and fall of Larry Nassar

An article in The Detroit News looks back at Larry Nassar’s life and medical career. Trying to understand how he came to become “one of the most sought-after physicians in the gymnastics world“.

How were so many gymnasts, parents and coaches fooled?

The rise and fall of Larry Nassar

Gymnastics BC Recreational Parkour

Now that FIG has adopted a form of Parkour / Free Running, some nations will start to formalize the activity. That’s a good thing. Many kids doing Parkour training at Gymnastics clubs are not as safe as they should be.

Gymnastics British Columbia wants to begin training instructors.