Maggie Haney’s NY Times interview

If you are not a subscriber, there’s a copy on The Morning Call:

If she could travel back in time, before she was suspended from gymnastics after being accused of berating and mistreating her athletes, including an Olympic champion, Maggie Haney says she would change the way she coached. …

… “Maybe what used to be OK is not OK anymore, and maybe it shouldn’t be. I think maybe the culture has shifted.” …

Haney said the accusations against her — particularly those from Hernandez, whom she coached from age 6 — had come out of nowhere, and she vehemently denied them.  …

Riley McCusker, who has a good chance of making the U.S. team for the Tokyo Games, filed a lawsuit against Haney last month. …

A gymnastics coach accused of emotional abuse speaks out: ‘I cared too much’

Aside from Maggie’s friends and some former gymnasts, most coaches I talk to feel the penalties decided by USAG were harsh but appropriate.

Spencer had the most entertaining reaction to the interview.

Read Stephanie Ventura’s response – An Open Letter to the New York Times Regarding Gymnastics, Abuse, and Sub-standard Journalism

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