“tweet or compete”

Australian athletes have been urged to “tweet or compete” at next year’s Olympics in Rio de Janeiro in order to avoid any distractions from competition during the Games.

The country’s disappointing overall performance at London 2012 has been partly attributed to excessive social media use, as well as other aspects including alcohol consumption. …

Hurdler Sally Pearson and sprint cyclist Anna Meares, two of Australia’s gold medal winners at London 2012, claimed their decisions to turn-off all social media accounts on arrival at the Athletes’ Village boosted their chances. …

Not all athletes agreed, however, with BMX cycling champion Caroline Buchanan claiming Twitter and YouTube is part of her success routine. …

Inside the Games

It seems major Games and Competitions have given up trying to restrict social media. That’s both good and bad.

Marion Dragalescu
Marion Dragalescu

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restaurant – The Pommel Horse

April 2015

A pub that has been named in honour of Hemel Hempstead’s own Olympic hero was officially opened yesterday.

The Pommel Horse, which was named by local residents as a tribute to gymnast Max Whitlock

There’s a drink here for Max! Pommel Horse pub opens in honour of Olympic hero

Pommel Horse

Unfortunately it’s getting terrible reviews. 😦

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will Belgium qualify a team to Rio?

Lauren Hopkins:

This year, Belgium will once again compete at the test event, but now they’re going in not on the cusp of the top 16, but in the top half of the eight teams that will compete for the four remaining Rio spots this April. With an 11th place finish in Glasgow despite injuries to two of their competing members and with two of their best athletes too young to compete, Belgium will travel to Rio as one of the most capable teams with the odds of qualifying a full team to the Olympic Games greatly in their favor.

Why does all of this matter? Nina Derwael, a 15-year-old from the village of Velm, was one of those juniors left at home during worlds last year and should be instrumental in bringing her team to Rio next summer.

Look for Nina at the Olympic test event in Rio this April, and then again at the Belgian Championships in May. …

Meet the Elite: Nina Derwael

Click PLAY or watch her Bars on YouTube.

8yr-old gymnast with Type 1 diabetes

Dempsey Foxson trains 25 hours / week checking her blood sugar 8–10 times a day.

I am sure you can imagine I have to take really good care of my body!

There are so many people who help me do this at home and at the gym. My parents, coaches, teammates and office staff all provide me with support!

My mom always provides me with healthy food before practice and snacks for my break. Some of my favorite snacks are almond flour muffins or half a ProBar, tons of raw veggies and nuts. I usually try to have my blood sugar between the 150 -180 range before practice. …



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SANCA Circus school, Seattle

The Tumbl Trak crew brought me over to see the School of Acrobatics and New Circus Arts. It’s a sprawling collection of facilities with something for everyone from tots to professional acrobats.

As a nonprofit organization, they cater to the general public.


Flying Trapeze For Everyone:

Our standard 2-hour Flying Trapeze Class is open to all skill levels ages 6+. All instruction is personalized to each flyer’s abilities to maximize individual progress.

SANCA School of Flight

Check a VIDEO of Amy’s first lesson.