Gymnastics Canada clinician training

Canadian coaches who wish to give back by becoming certified “Learning Facilitators” can take that training in Vancouver late June.

• Competition 1 WAG & MAG
• Competition 2 WAG & MAG


You can take training for Comp 1 or Comp 2. Or both. WAG or MAG. Or both.

The same courses will be offered in eastern Canada and Quebec in the near future.

clinicians training at Calgary Gymnastics Centre
clinicians training at Calgary Gymnastics Centre

___ FYI

The new National Coaching Certification Program is being expanded from 4 levels to 5 levels:

Competition 1 (launched 2015)
Competition 2 (launching 2016)
Competition 3 (under development)
Competition 4 … similar to the current Level 4

new website for TumblTrak

My friends have been working hard and long on the latest update. It’s friendlier. Navigation easier.

Under the hood the process of getting a quote with shipping, duties, taxes included is streamlined.

If you’re shopping start on the home page.


For training tips it’s Or jump directly to their rapidly expanding YouTube playlists.

Thanks James.

new – MyGymJudge and VEEP!

Precision Choreography is launching a new division called PRECISION CRITIQUES:

1) VEEP! (Video Evaluation by Elite Professionals)

2) MyGymJudge

Nicole Langevin
Nicole Langevin

VEEP! allows gymnasts and coaches to submit videos of skills-in-progress and receive custom video feedback by some of the best in the world. VEEP! consultants include World Vault and Floor Champion, Alicia Sacramone (Quinn), Hollie Vise (Naddour), Betty Okino, among others.

MyGymJudge provides athletes with the opportunity to submit full routines for written feedback from actual USAG judges. As an added bonus, Precision’s choreography team also chimes in with pointers on increasing artistry for all submitted beam and floor routines.

Subscribe via to get details on VEEP! and MyGymJudge.

Questions? Contact Nicole Langevin nicole (a)

Gymnastics Coaching course Prince George, B.C.

Thanks Prince George Gymnastics for hosting our 5 day Comp 1 (Competitive Introduction) course.

A special shout out for the excellent demonstrators and to coaches Colleen Kaminski and Jenn Watt for their assistance.


IMG_1970 (1)

The new Comp 1 course is now almost entirely digital. PDF and video.

Gymnastics Australia coaching webinars

Australia is a BIG country. It’s not easy to get coaches together very often.

For accredited Australian coaches an online program will be piloted March – April 2016.

Aussie coaches purchase access (A$10 each) through the Gymnastics Australia Learning Management System (LMS) and access the webinar via GoTo Meeting.

o Webinar #1: Physical preparation for young gymnasts – Part 1

o Webinar #2: Physical preparation for young gymnasts – Part 2

Dee Jennings PhD is instructing.

Click PLAY or watch a preview on YouTube.


Gymneo – Jaeger

The latest skill to be added to the English language collection.

Click PLAY or watch a teaser on Facebook.

Gymneo costs €199 for the first year or a renewal fee of €149.  The services are equivalent whether someone subscribes to the English or French version.

If you go to the French homepage – – click on “Sign in,” then enter the same login information you use for the English site you now get access to all video, including the skills in French.

Coaches who would like to subscribe and take advantage of dual access must register on the English site –

Canadian Coaching Course – PILOT

Thanks sincerely to the Prince Albert Aerials for hosting our Gymnastics Canada National Coaching Certification Program Competition 2 (Introduction Advanced) pilot coaching course. Wonderful hosts. 🙂

One more pilot is soon to be scheduled. The new all digital coaching course will be launched nation wide after that.



cia PILOT PA (1)

US Elite Coaches Association Chair Tony Retrosi


As of February 1st I have taken the position as Chairman of the US Elite Coaches Association. I am completely intimidated my the past chairman. Mike Taylor, Bill Sands, Tony Gehman have left some pretty big shoes to fill. …


Click through to read Tony’s Letter to the USECA Membership.