Ed Vincent Invitational, Calgary

This weekend I’m at the annual competition hosted by Altadore. It’s named for Ed Vincent who’s been with the club over 40 years.


CTV just named him Athlete of the Week. Watch an interview.

Click PLAY or watch Ed (age 78) in action on YouTube.

The competition was hosted for the first time at Grey Eagle Resort & Casino. The best venue ever, I’d say.

Ed Vincent Invitational

Tons of fun was the club’s 50th anniversary alumni reunion Friday night. There was much talk of the upcoming move to a new facility.

Manna variations

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Sylvie Wentzell – Vault

Lauren Hopkins:

One of my favorite older gymnasts is Sylvie Wentzell of Germany. She’s 41, the exact same age as Oksana, coaches at the Dortmund club in Germany, and keeps competing for her club because…why not? She can, and so she does. She has no desire to be at the national level or anything, but she does all of the Bundesliga meets with her team because she has fun competing alongside the kids she trains. …

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube. (2013)

a successful conditioning program

by site editor Rick McCharles

The newly arrived Head Coach in a gym with over 100 competitive girls, I needed to organize a very adaptable conditioning program.

We had large numbers. We had kids with vastly different training hours. We had too few coaches to directly supervise every child.

Here’s what we did:

First half hour of training for every girl was warm-up stretching, games and “floor complex”. These were line drills adjusted to the specific needs of each ability level. Emphasis was on “form” and body position.


The second half hour was conditioning: either Partner or Individual program. Each gymnast had both programs back-to-back in a plastic sheet along with a small golf pencil to make revisions. Kids tried to finish all exercises within 30min.

specific conditioning program
specific conditioning program

Actually, both the Partner sheet and the Individual sheet had 2 programs: Medium intensity and Hard intensity. If the gymnast had training the following day, they did the Medium intensity. If no training the next day, then the Hard intensity.

Once gymnasts had their sheets, the onus was on them to do the work. The coaches stayed “free” to observe and step-in when necessary. (Coaches were steadily busy.)

At first we feared the girls would “cheat” or “slack off”. Not so. Within a couple of weeks everyone was “into it”.  The psychology of the gym was excellent. It developed intrinsic motivation.

The girls were asked to do each exercise “to exhaustion”. Until their muscles were shaking. We did not assign specific numbers of repetitions though the girls were encouraged to remember their personal records and try to beat them.


We changed both programs once a month. The individual training plan changed on the 1st of the month, the Partner plan on the 15th.

We kept about 50% of the exercises and changed the rest to something more challenging. By the end of the year girls were doing better ring strength than many of the boys!

sample – individual-conditioning (PDF)