ABANDON – dance with smoke

Choreographed and Performed by Harriet Waghorn and Troy Savic.

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… state of the art computer fluid simulation to generate the smoke effects that brings the CGI ghosts to life. Approximately 1400 hours of simulation time were required to process the bespoke effects, generating nearly 5 terabytes of data. (VIDEO)

Thanks Vadim.

Simkin and the City

Daniil Simkin (born 12 October 1987 in Novosibirsk) is a Russian ballet dancer and Principal dancer with American Ballet Theatre. …

Simkin has been noted as one of the first ballet dancers to be active in Web 2.0 media such as YouTube andTwitter, and has spoken in interviews about the need for ballet to open up, demystify itself and modernize the way it connects with audiences.

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Mind blowing dance performance interacting with computer lighting.

‘Levitation’ is a collaborative performance by Sila Sveta and Anna Abalikhina shown on the TV show ‘Big Ballet’. All visuals were rendered in real time without any post production.

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Here’s how it was done – Dancer Defies Gravity with Stunning 3D Projections.

Thanks George.

Leah Griesser – Floor

Though many bemoan the “sad demise of artistic gymnastics” in an era where difficulty is the bigger goal, I see a resurgence of great choreography.

The Dutch at Worlds 2015, for example.

Here’s another example. Superb artistry and choreography from Germany’s Leah Griesser.

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Leah Griesser, Pauline Schäfer, Sophie Scheder, Elisabeth Seitz and Pauline Tratz have been chosen to compete at the Rio Test Event.

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