MOST talked about routine in Glasgow – Celine!

We’ll be discussing the CAT WOMAN routine for many years to come!

Celine VAN GERNER (NED) first teased on social media.


She then astonished the audience during the Floor final march-in.

Click PLAY or watch her routine on YouTube.

Celine finished 4th 4.600 + 8.700 = 13.300. Only two tumbling lines. The medalists had D-scores of 5.5, 5.5 and 5.3.

Has anyone else had an 8.700 E-score on Floor this quad? Judges loved it!

I loved it too. It worked for this meet. … But FIG WTC should define clearly just how much theatrics is allowed / encouraged.

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6 thoughts on “MOST talked about routine in Glasgow – Celine!”

  1. Wait, so people complain about artistic gymnastics becoming too robotic/all about the tumbling and the loss of artistry….someone does something unique and artistic and now you/they want to throw some rules in to limit that expression???? Gymnasts seriously can’t win!


  2. I loved it!! Speaking of the Celine, did you see her bars routine from the team final? So much perfection with all the amazing handstands.


    1. And yet rhythmic is still considered a sport, as is synchronized swimming. Also, the same could be said for the diamontes, sparkles, crystals and glitter on leotards – do they threaten gymnastics status as a sport? .While we’re at it leotards themselves aren’t exactly ‘Sporty’, they’re more ‘dancey’. Maybe everyone should compete in long tights and tank tops, or shorts and T-shirts – closer to what track and field athletes wear maybe. And where do tattoos fit into this discussion? What about years ago when the Chinese team seemed to wear a thousand hair clips , should that be limited too???


      1. You only proved my point. The same criticism is thrown at rhythmic, synchro, and figure skating by those that question their place as sport. When non-movement related theatrical devices are intended to influence an outcome you have crossed a line. There are existing regulations for attire, jewelry, tape, and other items on the body.


    2. WTF? You can have a discussion about whether golf is a sport or not, but not real sports like gymnastics, what has makeup got to do with it anyway.


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