Taylor Lindsay-Noel audiocast

Canadian gymnast Taylor Lindsay-Noel was paralyzed in 2008 training a toe-on double front dismount from Bars. No pit. No spot.

She’s very eloquent. Very active online.

And now she’s launched a podcast called Tea Time with Tay.

In her first podcast Taylor details the day of her life-changing accident.

Here’s her website.

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Rick Mc

Career gymnastics coach who loves the outdoors, and the internet.

6 thoughts on “Taylor Lindsay-Noel audiocast”

      1. Last I heard, he is in Orillia. I was one of his first gymnasts and was on the Canadian team from ’74 – ’76. I have tried numerous times to talk to him about the sexual abuse during my training and he has deleted me from contacting him. It’s a good thing he isn’t coaching any longer!


        1. Hi there, I just enjoyed a three week outing in Panama and had the pleasure of meeting Brian McVey at a resort in the Coronado area. A very nice helpful chap who mentioned he was the coach of the Canadian Gymnastics Team through the 1970’s. I am planning on corresponding with Brian on some interests we share about the Country of Panama. I am hoping that any negative past issues have been resolved or debunked.
          Please comment if there are issues that have not been addressed or need be made aware of. Kind regards to you and all.


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