Tumbler Kristof Willerton

Kristof Willerton is — to me — the most impressive Power Tumbler of all time.

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National Collegiate Acrobatics & Tumbling

Acrobatics & Tumbling is a relatively new American College sport exclusively for female athletes.

The NCAA Committee on Women’s Athletics has recommended that all three divisions of governance structure add Acrobatics & Tumbling to the NCAA Emerging Sports for Women program Aug. 1, 2020.

There were 29 NCAA colleges and universities sponsoring teams in 2019. The sport must reach 40 varsity programs to move forward to the NCAA governance structure for championship consideration in future.

Athletes are recruited as bases, flyers or backs. Some compete only the tumbling portion. Each team has 30 members or more. Baylor, the top team in 2019, has 50 on their roster as I post.

Scholarships are available. Numbers and amount vary school-to-school.

Competitors come from disciplines including Acrobatic gymnastics, Artistic (often Levels 8-10), Trampoline & Tumbling, and competitive Cheer  (often Levels 4 & 5).

The harder competition surface is typically a basketball floor with roll mats on top.

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Baylor 2019



Canadian Trampoline Championships

Jon Schwaiger of Caledonia, ON repeated his double gold-medal performance from 2018, taking gold in both senior men’s tumbling and DMT for another year.

“The competition went pretty well for both,” said Schwaiger who captured his eighth-consecutive senior tumbling title this weekend. “I went four for four on both (apparatus) which is really all you can hope for, and I also set a new difficulty record on DMT on my first pass. Looking forward to Worlds, my plan is to just clean up some of my passes, and up the difficulty in the straight passes and just get them more confident and consistent.”

Read more – 2019 Canadian Trampoline Championships wrap-up in Oshawa, ON

Jon Schwaiger

count the twists

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Jia Fangfang – Floor

BIG tumbling from the former World Power Tumbling Champ.

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Trampoline Sports Elite Canada

Women’s Trampoline
Sarah Milette
Rachel Tam
Sam Smith

Men’s Trampoline
Keegan Soehn
Nathan Shuh
Jake Cranham

Women’s DMT
Laurence Roux
Danielle Grieve
Kalena Soehn

Men’s DMT
Mario Bruno
Justin Lefaivre
David Dawson

Women’s Tumbling
Jordan Sugrim
Zoe Hipel

Men’s Tumbling
Jon Schwaiger
Michael Zeuner

Full results.

Next up are Trampoline Nationals in Oshawa, ON from July 24-28 at Durham College.

related – Rosie MacLennan and Jérémy Chartier named 2018 Athletes of the Year in Trampoline Gymnastics

Rosie MacLennan (King City, ON). COACH: Dave Ross

Jérémy Chartier (Montreal, QC). COACH: Karina Kosko

Rosie did not compete having injured her ankle at the World Cup in Belarus.

tumbling / Slinky analogy

I can go with this.

It’s similar to the ‘curvilinear action‘ still used in the Canadian coach education system. That was introduced by Gord Osbourne and Boris Verkhovsky back in the day. That version looks at the body more as a flexible rod … with a spring attached to either end.

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