“How was Gymnastics today?”

That’s the first question most kids face when reaching Mom or Dad.

Brad Frost, Head Coach for the University of Minnesota Women’s Ice Hockey team, has some good advice for parents: Too Many Kids Leave Sports Because Of The Car Ride Home

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protecting gymnasts from predators

Protecting Gymnasts From Predators – Part 1

Protecting Gymnasts From Predators – Part 2

Darkness to Light has a great educational resource called “The 5 Steps to Protecting Our Children”;

Step 1: Learn The Facts: Realities, Not Trust, Should Influence Your Decisions Regarding Children

Step 2: Minimize Opportunity: If you eliminate or reduce isolated, one-on-one situations between children and adults, and children and other youth, you’ll dramatically reduce the risk of sexual abuse.

Step 3: Talk About It: Children often keep abuse a secret, but barriers can be broken down by (parents) talking openly about our bodies, sex, and boundaries.

Step 4: Recognize The Signs: Don’t expect obvious signs when a child is being sexually abused. Signs are often there, but you have to know what to look for.

Step 5: React Responsibly: DISCLOSURE of sexual abuse means a child has chosen you as the person he or she trusts enough to tell. It is the moment when children learn whether others can be trusted to stand up for them.

Protecting Gymnasts From Predators – Part 3

One more point. Clubs should not discourage parents from watching practice. The more transparency the better.

Our competitive gymnasts are amongst the best protected children. But we could do even better.

On a related topic Nicole Bard has advice for parents in a post titled …

What To Look For In A Good Gym: Abuse Series Part 1

1. Open Floor Plan
2. Cameras
3. Proper Conduct Training and Policies

16 more women accuse Larry Nassar

… the women’s allegations of sexual abuse span nearly two decades — from 1996 through 2014. Their ages ranged from 13 to 20 when the alleged abuse began. Some continued to see Nassar for treatment for years. …

All five women interviewed by IndyStar said they wondered about the treatment they received from Nassar, but they initially deferred to his reputation and expertise in the field of sports medicine.

“He was like this hero in … sports medicine, especially for gymnastics, because the injuries and type of stress you’re putting on your body are so different than any other sport,” Katherine said. “A trainer and doctor for the U.S. Olympic team accessible in Michigan; it was like, everyone thought it was amazing.” …

Indy Star

Anne Josephson – coaching orphans

Anne Josephson is a California Mom, Coach and Gym Owner.

At Ontario Congress one of her sessions had an amusing title – Sometimes I Wish I Coached Only Orphans: Thoughts on Dealing with “Difficult” Parents

Very entertaining & informative, it was well attended. 🙂


Anne edits the leading blog for the role of parents in competitive Gymnastics. Highly recommended.


tips for Gymnastics parents

Anne Josephson:

#7. Know your role. Coaches coach. Parents parent. In the words of Nellie Biles, “”My job is mainly support and to help keep her focused, relaxed and grounded.”


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