Kyle Shewfelt’s 2008 comeback

Kyle had every reason to retire after 2004, the Olympic Floor Champion.

But he felt driven to train for one more. Beijing would be his 3rd Olympics.

In 2006 FIG changed the Code of Points to reward difficulty over execution, Kyle’s forte. In 2007 Kyle suffered a horror-show injury landing Tamayo with straight legs at Worlds. Yet he still wouldn’t give up.

This week @Olympics posted his comeback story.

The Little Communist Who Never Smiled

Originally published in French – La petite communiste qui ne souriait jamais . New in English just in time for the Olympics.

… Lola Lafon tells the story of Comaneci’s journey from growing up in rural Romania to her eventual defection to the United States in 1989. Adored by young girls in the west and appropriated as a political emblem by the Ceausescu regime, Comaneci’s life was scrutinised wherever she went. Lafon’s novel is a powerful re-imagining of a childhood in the spotlight of history, politics and destiny.

Communist who never smiled

via Gymternet Clan

Sam Peszek interview

The Skating Lesson:

Sam Peszek is a gymnastics success story. The 2008 Olympic Silver Medalist, 2007 World Champion, 17-time All-American and 3-time NCAA Champion graduated from UCLA with honors in 2015 and embarked on a commentary career. Peszek’s outgoing personality is coupled with a driven, Type-A personality. The Olympian has quickly excelled at commentary and has even started an Instagram account, TheGympire, with former teammate Alicia Sacramone, aimed at promoting physical fitness and specific exercise challenges.

We caught up with Sam Peszek about her career, her workout tips and her predictions for the upcoming Olympic Trials.

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46 National Championships in series

Dave Copeland. Canada.

c/o Rusty Pierce
c/o Rusty Pierce

Hardy Fink on the right has attended more Worlds & Olympics than any other FIG judge, MAG or WAG. But he did miss a few Canadian Nationals. 🙂

Both men represent the dedication and commitment of our officials. Certainly they don’t do it for the money nor the praise.

c/o Kelly Thompson
Canadian Nationals judges 2016 c/o Kelly Thompson

#GymCdnChamps Finals preview

Lauren Hopkins:

2012 Olympian Ellie Black, the 20-year-old from Halifax who has lead her Canadian team so strongly all quad, will compete in tonight’s all-around final at the 2016 Canadian Championships, hoping to earn her fourth national title in a row. …

The competition will be tough this year, however, with 17-year-old Isabela Onyshko right on her heels. Onyshko has been on fire all year, upgrading and consistently hitting routines to win the senior titles at Elite Canada and Gymnix early on before also snagging the silver medal at the Stuttgart World Cup. …

Black Will Fight For Fourth National All-Around Title

Finals go Friday night.

Ellie is not close to 100%. She was super happy to finish the prelims meet so successfully.

Rose-Laying Woo is back to about 90% healthy. She’s had a sore back for months. Doctor says she should be completely pain free in about a month.

All eyes will be Shallon Olsen, the favourite on Vault. She’s been competing DTY for years. Hoping to upgrade in this Final.