Pommels: Whitlock, Smith, Naddour

Rule, Britannia!

1. Whitlock: 15.966
2. Smith: 15.833
3. Naddour: 15.700

Tommasone 15.6
Belyavskiy 15.4
Kuksenkov 15.233
Merdinyan 14.933
Verniaiev 12.4

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I feel good for Alex Naddour. And for USA. He was fortunate today, however, to hang on to the Bronze.

The three least stretched circles are on the podium. Seems extension is not the priority of FIG MTC.

The new normal. No Chinese gymnasts in the Pommel final.

Toba’s heroic Olympic performance

On Floor exercise Andreas Toba, the lead off gymnast, injured his knee on his first tumbling pass.

“I knew immediately that something was wrong,” he said. “I cried like a little kid. I had hopes to make the All-around final here, but it was not to be.”

Teammate Marcel Nguyen empathised: “It really broke my heart,” he said. “I know how hard he has been fighting for this competition. He wanted to fulfil his dream here, competing and qualify for the All-around final. And then this happens.”


2016 Summer Olympics in Rio De Janeiro/BRA, 5.8. - 21.8.2016
2016 Summer Olympics in Rio De Janeiro/BRA, 5.8. – 21.8.2016

Andreas Toba was unable to finish his earlier floor routine after badly injuring his knee in qualifications. But not wanting to let down Team Germany, he fought through the pain to compete on pommel horse.


Click through to NBC to watch that routine.

If he’d not competed Germany would not have qualified to the Team final. Respect.

As it turned out they would have finished top 8 without that routine. But Toba did not know that at the time.

Men’s Olympic Pommel finalists