Kim Bui – 14.800 Bars

2012 Olympian Kim Bui, the 27-year-old who missed nearly all of 2015 due to injury, will make her competitive turn at Bundesliga this weekend, where she hopes to impress enough for a spot on the country’s European Championships team. …


How did that go for Kim?

55.800 AA. 🙂

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Eythora Thorsdottir wins IAG

Eythora Thorsdottir got off to a rough start at yesterday’s IAG SportEvent, earning a 12.6 on beam after two big wobbles and a fall.

But the Dutch gymnast known for her beauty and expression shook herself off and went on to win the all-around title, showcasing three upgraded routines, including a creepily fabulous new (and amazingly creepy) floor for a 14.3 as well as a DTY on vault, earning a 15.033 there.

The vault upgrade is especially key, as the majority of gymnasts in the Netherlands are competing fulls, which gave the team a disadvantage in team competition. Something like this can add nearly a point to the women’s team total, meaning Thorsdottir is now all but a lock to make the team going to Rio this summer. …

Thorsdottir Upgrades, Wins IAG Title

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I love it. 🙂

Click PLAY or watch her DTY on YouTube.

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Osijek Challenge Cup WAG Final

Day 1Couch Gymnast report

Vault (average)
1. Ellie DOWNIE GBR 14.850
2. Tjasa KYSSELEF SLO 14.200
3. Rose WOO CAN 13.638

1 Ellie DOWNIE GBR 6,300 14,675
2 Seda TUTKHALIAN RUS 6,000 14,525
3 Natalia KAPITONOVA RUS 6,400 14,450

full results

Click PLAY or watch Downie’s Bars on YouTube.

Click PLAY or watch Tutkhalian’s Bars on YouTube.

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