EPIC GymCastic audiocast #301

Peng Gets a 20, Martha Gets a Zero

Over 10,000 hours long, this one is well worth listening to.

Even if you attended Nationals in St. Louis you’ll learn something new. Coaching fashion tips, in particular.

I thought NCAA Nationals judging was no worse than usual … but it looks worse than usual when you have more judges and they can’t stay in range.

Despite the CRACK, Spencer is OK with most of the final rankings: team, individual and apparatus.

I was a bit distracted celebrating Peng’s 20 and didn’t pay much attention to Saturday’s Dateline TV show with Maroney and the Karolyis. After all, it’s network TV. Normally pretty bland.

Happily Jessica and Spencer dissect the interview in detail putting statements in context and into the timeline. It doesn’t look good for USA Gymnastics.

If you don’t subscribe, you can listen streamed via their website



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