BEFORE you teach flyaway

Visiting 40-50 gyms a year I see a common dynamic. Young girls doing tucked flyaway with spot off the low rail of Bars.

Fun. Easy. Seems, at the time, to work.

But that’s not the best way to teach flyaway. Instead use a wide range of drills that don’t require spotting. Here’s one set-up I like, appropriate for kids as young as age-5.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

If you don’t have Rings, I’d highly recommend you buy a set. Fitness Rings are very inexpensive. Hang those on a rail at just the right height for your kids.


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Rick Mc

Career gymnastics coach who loves the outdoors, and the internet.

2 thoughts on “BEFORE you teach flyaway”

  1. please explain WHY you think the other ways are better. If the gymnast uses his eyes to focus on the proper release point then isn’t it the simplest and most effective way to master the basic movement? if not, why not?


    1. What we’ve done traditionally teaching the flyaway hasn’t worked well. MANY gymnasts hit the Bar and many of those become fearful of backward flyaway skills. It almost never happens on forward flyaway skills.

      Therefore I feel we need to start younger. Do more preparatory release games. Ideally kids should learn forward gainer before flyaway, as well. Anyone able to do gainer dismount off the end of the Beam into the pit, for example, would have a better mental concept of traveling forward while rotating backwards.


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