first World Cup medal for India

Bronze on Vault in Melbourne.

For someone who always saw herself as a reluctant gymnast, Aruna Reddy made history on Saturday when she became India’s first World Cup medal winner with a bronze in Melbourne. …

Narayan Reddy, her sports-mad accountant father had other plans in mind. He got her enrolled in an academy in Hyderabad as an eight-year old, but is not around to bask in his daughter’s success today, having passed away in 2010. …

“Every medal I will win is dedicated to my father,” she said. …

Times of India

She trains with Dipa.

One of her coaches, Brij Kishore, is ill.

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One thought on “first World Cup medal for India”

  1. Congratulations to Aruna, a beautiful gymnast who has trained in the shadow of her more celebrated teammate. India is unquestionably the single country with the most (as yet unrealized) potential to be a world power in the sport. The ONLY thing holding it back at this point is the continuing conflict and lack of organization and planning on the part of the administrators charged with the “governance” of the sport in that country.


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