Doc Ali apologizes for briefly supporting Nassar

The day the Jane Doe lawsuit was filed, I talked to a very distraught Larry Nassar. He told me that he was so sad that the two athletes that had filed suit has mistaken the “procedure” he had done to them as a abuse. He claimed that it was a justified medical procedure by the National Osteopathic Association and he had lectured about it many times. He was crying on the phone.

I felt sad for a colleague I had worked with for 20 years and later that day I posted, “Sending love and support” on his Facebook page. I now know that Larry was a master manipulator but at the time I felt compassion towards him. …

Ali Arnold 

No doubt many of his past colleagues are feeling the same way right now.

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Rick Mc

Career gymnastics coach who loves the outdoors, and the internet.

One thought on “Doc Ali apologizes for briefly supporting Nassar”

  1. More than Larry Nassar out there… noone , not parents, or kids, or other coaches have the cahunas to address the issues that hide in perfectly concealed shadows within these gyms. If they do, they are ostracized. It isn’t just kids they prey on. They prey on the parents as well. Master manipulators, using control and fear to chisel their dream, their fantasy, their “ wishes, desires.”


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