Yoga and QAnon

QAnon conspiracy theories are absurd. And potentially dangerous.

Though some in the American Republican Party have embraced the kooks, FBI identified QAnon-driven extremists as a domestic terrorism threat.

I was surprised to hear those nut cases have made inroads online with the Yoga community — especially on Instagram.

Anti-vax types are being targeted, for example.

Seriously avoid those Instagram feeds.

downward facing dog

Click PLAY or watch it on Instagram. 😃

Acro Yoga


If that’s too physical for you … how about goat Yoga? 🙂

Justin Trudeau elbow stand

The new Canadian Prime Minister has been getting even more love online when this stunt resurfaced.

Like father, like son. Here’s former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau back in the days of black and white photography.

Pierre Elliot Trudeau elbow lever

(via Mashable)