FIG should improve Vault landing mats

Does anyone have statistics on this?

I feel certain we are seeing more severe injuries on Vault landings, on average, than on any other apparatus.

I’d recommend FIG require a mat more like the safer one used by Trampoline sports on double-mini.

Eurotramp Double-Minitramp landing mat

Leave a comment if you have an opinion.

2009 – Kas entry double front

Geoffrey Taucer was the internet name of an American gymnast.

He competed at the Sand Dollar / Whitlow Invitational Invite. The first person I’ve seen compete this vault. Though the landing was very under-rotated … he did get credit for the vault from the judges. That means his feet hit first.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

UPDATE: Geoffrey Taucer’s real name is Jeremy Waters. You can call it the “Waters”, not the Taucer.

Taiso Vault landing platform

To train for FIG vaults in 2018 you need spend most of your time vaulting uphill. Iarov recommends flipping only once a week. The rest of the time is used for preparation: sprint, hurdle, preflight.

Taiso Saskatoon built an ideal platform in 2014.

Vault platform baseVault platform 2014 TaisoMarkos 2014

Head Coach Markos Baikas loves this set-up.

Decades ago Manjak and I ordered just such a vault landing table though ours was a giant block of foam. 🙂

Within weeks it was moved into the pit. ☹️ … We were back to stacking a dozen mats.


flying like a bird – hoax

Floris Kaayk,  a Dutch filmmaker and animator, wanted to try to fool the general public.

It worked.

Back in 2012 his hoax video was widely shared:

This is Jarno Smeets, the “Flying Dutchman”, a mechanical engineer. Carrying out the design originally proposed by Leonardo DaVinci.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

(via Human Birdwings)