Taiso Vault landing platform

To train for FIG vaults in 2018 you need spend most of your time vaulting uphill. Iarov recommends flipping only once a week. The rest of the time is used for preparation: sprint, hurdle, preflight.

Taiso Saskatoon built an ideal platform in 2014.

Vault platform baseVault platform 2014 TaisoMarkos 2014

Head Coach Markos Baikas loves this set-up.

Decades ago Manjak and I ordered just such a vault landing table though ours was a giant block of foam. 🙂

Within weeks it was moved into the pit. ☹️ … We were back to stacking a dozen mats.


flying like a bird – hoax

Floris Kaayk,  a Dutch filmmaker and animator, wanted to try to fool the general public.

It worked.

Back in 2012 his hoax video was widely shared:

This is Jarno Smeets, the “Flying Dutchman”, a mechanical engineer. Carrying out the design originally proposed by Leonardo DaVinci.

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(via Human Birdwings)

jumping / landing conditioning

Jesse Kitzen-Abelson

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