FIG should improve Vault landing mats

Does anyone have statistics on this?

I feel certain we are seeing more severe injuries on Vault landings, on average, than on any other apparatus.

I’d recommend FIG require a mat more like the safer one used by Trampoline sports on double-mini.

Eurotramp Double-Minitramp landing mat

Leave a comment if you have an opinion.

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Rick Mc

Career gymnastics coach who loves the outdoors, and the internet.

6 thoughts on “FIG should improve Vault landing mats”

  1. I wonder why we don’t just adopt it since it already exists for FIG trampoline? Is there resistance? I don’t actually know what the difference in the matting is, but it seems nicer.


  2. Usually you need statistics to back up your statements. “Feeling” like there are more injuries is poor journalism. One could argue that a bigger landing mat would only make poor technique more prevalent. Rushing to get more flips and/or twists around with poor technique is not the answer.


  3. I agree. The mat is wider and thicker. Then extra mats are placed around. I also think though that the sport of trampoline spends more time in breaking down the skills increasing air awareness. Also the 2 foot rule is always in place in trampoline clubs which is two feet need to land on the same surface. Not one foot on one foot off which often occurs in Artistic programs.


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