Dan Purvis – Gaylord

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Shaposh / Tkachev drill

Working with a gymnast new to Shaposh recently, I was wishing we had a Quick Flex Bar. This is by far the best way for kids to get started on all counter rotating releases.

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The hands are the only point of force application. Of course that hip action is needed to put more weight on the rail. The equal, opposite and simultaneous reaction force is what generates the counter rotation.

Horizontal bar: methods, ideas, curiosities, history

I finally got my hands on a copy of the latest book (2015) in a series by these two expert authors: István Karácsony and Ivan Čuk.

It’s not a comprehensive manual on how to coach H Bar, but rather a collection of information and sport science research.

Best for me is the introduction and history of the apparatus. A list of Olympic and World champions. A history of some of the named skills:

• Peter Kovacs (HUN)
• etc.


Price is 15 euros but I’m not completely sure where you can purchase it.

Leave a comment if you know.

Victor Yeo – Pegan

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