American Team for Rio?


As the 2016 Olympics approach, we will be ranking the top U.S. elite gymnasts who are eligible for Rio. Rankings are based on prior performances, consistency in competitions, international experience, upgrade potential, and current competitions. …

1. Simone Biles
2. Gabby Douglas
3. Aly Raisman
4. Maggie Nichols
5. Madison Kocian
6. Ragan Smith
7. Laurie Hernandez
8. MyKayla Skinner

Big Changes In Rio Rankings Following The Jesolo Trophy

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Click PLAY or watch Ragan’s energetic FX on YouTube.

It’s still too early to bet the mortgage. But these two new Seniors are definitely in the mix. Either or both could be on the final team.

Leah Griesser – Floor

Though many bemoan the “sad demise of artistic gymnastics” in an era where difficulty is the bigger goal, I see a resurgence of great choreography.

The Dutch at Worlds 2015, for example.

Here’s another example. Superb artistry and choreography from Germany’s Leah Griesser.

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Leah Griesser, Pauline Schäfer, Sophie Scheder, Elisabeth Seitz and Pauline Tratz have been chosen to compete at the Rio Test Event.

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British Teams Competition

The Academy 208.600
City of Liverpool 206.450
South Durham 203.000
Park Wrekin 200.400
Sapphire 198.550
City of Birmingham 197.000

TINKLER Amy 14.900 1
CHEETHAM Ellee 14.100 2
KATKEVICA Samanta 14.050 3
TUNNEY Rebecca 14.050 3

TUNNEY Rebecca 14.400 1
JUPP Gabrielle 14.150 2
HARROLD Ruby 14.150 2

*Becky Downie 15.10

TINKLER Amy 14.100 1
MATTIS Tyesha 14.000 2
ACHAMPONG Ondine 13.350 3

*Becky Downie 14.650

Click PLAY or watch Becky’s Beam on YouTube.

TINKLER Amy 14.250 1
TURNER Phoebe 13.900 2
PARKER Megan 13.350 3

Click PLAY or watch Amy’s Floor on YouTube.

British Gymnewstics – Results and Scores British Teams and Trialists

That’s a very comprehensive report. 🙂

Sadly, Tyesha MATTIS was injured competing Floor. 😦

Aly Raisman Talks Code of Points & Injuries

I hope FIG WTC listens to their Olympic Champion. She’s right.

Rules should be set with respect to the health and safety of competitors.

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The FIG Medical Commission should have more input to WTC. 😦

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