Aleah Finnegan

Sarah’s sister at GAGE. (One of my favourite Gyms.)

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Brittany Rogers – Bars

Brittany turned age-23 today.

I was at her Gym for two days this week. No rest after Nationals for Olympic team contenders. 🙂

In person – at 5′ 6″ – Brittany is even more impressive than on YouTube. Her Bars are particularly shocking. She rips through half routines like Beth Tweddle. Her toe 1/1 is toe hop 1/1 catching (sometimes) before handstand.

Check the height on this Shap half. Almost horizontal. That’s as high as anyone in the world.

Brit Shap half

The list of 12+ gymnasts who will be invited to the Canadian Olympic trial camp has still not been finalized. Brittany is certainly top 3 on Bars and Vault.

related – I felt Brit’s YDT last year at Worlds was as good as any competed.

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