Germany 1,2 on Bars in Rio

1 SEITZ Elisabeth GER 6.600 + 8.533 = 15.133
2 SCHEDER Sophie GER 6.400 + 8.633 = 15.033
3 ANDRADE Rebeca BRA 6.000 + 8.433 = 14.433

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Gabby JUPP (GBR) could have contended but missed. A very strong final.

Rebeca was awesome. And very relaxed. Coming back from injury, I won’t be surprised if she upgrades before the Games.

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#PacRim2016 Women’s Finals

USA withdrew Simone Biles and Laurie Hernandez to keep them healthy. And get another look at the American Olympic team contenders who replaced them in Apparatus Finals.

1. Shallon Olsen (CAN): 14.750
2. Brittany Rogers (CAN): 14.437
3. Courtney McGregor (NZL): 14.25

1. Ashton Locklear (USA): 15.625
2. Larrissa Miller (AUS): 14.675
3. Brittany Rogers (CAN): 14.600

Brenna fell. 😦

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1. Ragan Smith (USA) 15.225
2. Aly Raisman (USA) 15.100
3. Nagi Kajita (JPN) 13.700

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1. Aly Raisman (USA) 15.100
2. Brenna Dowell (USA) 14.825
3. Shallon Olsen (CAN) 14.400
… upgraded routine from prelims


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Taylor Lindsay-Noel audiocast

Canadian gymnast Taylor Lindsay-Noel was paralyzed in 2008 training a toe-on double front dismount from Bars. No pit. No spot.

She’s very eloquent. Very active online.

And now she’s launched a podcast called Tea Time with Tay.

In her first podcast Taylor details the day of her life-changing accident.

Here’s her website.

Belgium defeats Romania

26187155036_85c3c1cb97_bBelgium 222.900
Romania 219.200

Both nations have a good chance to qualify a full team to the Rio Olympics from the Test Meet.

1 Axelle Klinckaert Belgium 56.500
2 Laura Waem Belgium 55.600
3 Diana Bulimar Romania 55.400

full results

On Bars Belgium went 56.550, Romania 51.350. The lowest Belgium start score was 5.6. The highest for Romania 5.5. 😦

Mouscron Friendly: Senior results

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Germany did not compete their full Test Meet team at this event but certainly is another favourite to qualify a full team to the Olympics.

The Junior competition was dominated by Romania.