Bridget Sloan talks about Marvin Sharp

Bridget Sloan does not recall bad moments with her former coach. Only good.

The Pittsboro gymnast has had nearly seven months to process events surrounding Marvin Sharp, who was held on four counts of child molesting and three counts of sexual misconduct with a minor. He was found dead in his Marion County Jail cell Sept. 19, 2015 in what was ruled a suicide. Sharp was 49.

“I definitely had a few rough weeks. It was a very big shock,” Sloan said. …

“I told my parents, ‘I want to be kept out of it,’ ” Sloan said. “There was nothing I could do in Florida to help or fix anything.”

She added: “Marvin was a very, very important person in my life. He will always be an important person in my life. No one will ever be able to take away what we went through and what we accomplished together.” …

“When we were in the gym, it was strictly coach and athlete,” she said. “Nothing else.” …

Olympic gymnast Bridget Sloan opens up on coach’s death, final meet

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mixed ability level at #PacRim2016

Yes it’s stupid that Panama (population 3.9 million) competes against USA (population 320 million).

But that’s the format of the Pacific Rim competition. If you don’t like it, don’t watch.

Personally I like this format. It’s interesting seeing Juniors compete at the same time as Seniors.

Anthony Tawfik, for example, competing alongside John Orozco.


It’s one of the few meets where gymnasts from smaller nations get a lot of media attention.

Louise Lopez (MEX) 51.450 leads the Junior competition after session 1 of 2. A very impressive talent I wouldn’t know if it were not for this competition. 🙂

Russian Men’s Olympic training squad

Denis Ablyazin
David Belyavski
Nikita Ignatyev
Emin Garibov
Nikita Nagorny
Artur Dalolyan
Ivan Stretovich
Vladislav Polyashov
Dmitri Lankin
Nikolai Kuksenkov


Head coach Valery Alfosov has unreservedly supported Russian AA champion Nikolai Kuksenkov, naming him to a group of ten gymnasts eligible for participation in Rio even though the gymnast’s selection for international competition is currently impossible due to a positive drugs test.

The RGF is employing Swiss lawyers to defend Kuksenkov’s ‘honour and innocence’. …


It really does sound like Nikolai is innocent.

Taylor Lindsay-Noel audiocast

Canadian gymnast Taylor Lindsay-Noel was paralyzed in 2008 training a toe-on double front dismount from Bars. No pit. No spot.

She’s very eloquent. Very active online.

And now she’s launched a podcast called Tea Time with Tay.

In her first podcast Taylor details the day of her life-changing accident.

Here’s her website.

Jing Wu – the same Vault twice

Jing Wu finished in 2nd place in Cottbus.

Her first was supposed to be a Kasamatsu. (Left hand contacting first, left twist.)


But NO JUDGE should call this a Tsukahara approach. It’s a Handspring with staggered hand position.

Click PLAY or watch both vaults on YouTube.

This is the same cheat the Chinese men were doing in the past. 😦

Kuksenkov tests positive for Meldonium

Amanda Turner:

New national champion Nikolai Kuksenkov has withdrawn from the Russian men’s championships in Penza after it was revealed he tested positive for the banned substance meldonium. …

According to Russian coach and spokeswoman Valentina Rodionenko, Kuksenkov’s test was conducted two weeks ago but the results were only just discovered. …

I can say that on the Russian national team in gymnastics we stopped using the drug even in August 2015! Then the representatives of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency consulted with our doctors, and then withdrew all the supplies of Mildronate from our first-aid kits. …


Nikolai Kuksenkov

how parents can keep Gymnastics FUN

1. Focus on improving skills and not on the result of the competition.

4. Remind your child how far she has come since she began the sport.

9. Don’t compare your child to teammates.

12. Build on the sports experience to create happy childhood memories.

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tramp girls photo

hard landing mats in the pit

We see it EVERY competition. Gymnasts competing skills on to hard mats that they’ve obviously rarely done on to competition mats.

It’s dangerous.

Coaches should do a better job of simulating the competition landing in training.

coach Warren Long at Taiso Saskatoon
coach Warren Long at Taiso Saskatoon

The best I’ve ever seen was T&T coach Tammy Stephenson. She trained landings on to very high, very soft surfaces for most of the year. Prior to a competition she alternated layers of matting stiffened with sheets of plywood.

Alyssa DiFrancesco – Why I quit Penn State

PENN BioMy morals, values and mental health were a million times more important to me than seeing my name on the wall in the locker room

… I was practically raised by my Russian coaches and knew nothing but tough love and endless yelling. “Eat, sleep, breathe gymnastics” was what we used to say to make fun of ourselves but it was accurate. I couldn’t count the amount of unattended school activities because of practice, the long weekends spent in hotels for competitions and the quarter-sized rips on my hands. However, with all those hardships came the rewards and the gratitude of winning a competition or perfecting a new skill. It was the highs and adrenaline that kept me going – I loved it.

It’s very clear that sports are physically exhausting and injuries happen all the time – I’ve been aware of this since I was maybe seven. When I walked-on for the Penn State Women’s Gymnastics team, injuries became a whole different story. …

Why I quit gymnastics after walking on to the team

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