talking to your young athletes about SPOTTING

Amanda Loudin:

“Talk to your kids about good touch and bad touch and make sure they feel comfortable coming to you if something doesn’t feel right,” she said. “Regularly check in with your kids: Ask them what was good and what was bad about practice and if anything made them feel uncomfortable.” …

… “The highest risk areas are those that allow for one-on-one adult-child interaction, often at the elite level. Those activities that involve body positioning, such as swimming or gymnastics, exacerbate the risk because touching is a part of the training.” …


A word I like to use with kids is creepy. If anything feels creepy to them, it could be a red flag.

The less spotting in your program, the better.

And be cautious HOW you spot skills. For example, spotting on the sides of the body is safer than a sandwich spot front and back.

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