Gymnastics Australia COVID-19 reopening

Frank Sahlein shared a document from Gymnastics Australia:


Once gymnastics clubs are provided with the endorsement to resume gymnastics activities in any capacity, the following specific factors for a safe resumption of training and participation should be considered …

Program Scheduling

  • How can training be staggered to minimise numbers and reduce contact?
  • Modifying training times so that there are less people present at one time
  • Scheduling adequate venue and equipment cleaning time between sessions.


  • Bathrooms/change rooms, kitchens, and entrance foyer

  • What is the protocol and frequency of cleaning shared facilities?

  • Treatment of surfaces

    • –  A single deep clean will not provide any ongoing protection

    • –  Use a product with residual viricidal activity to inactivate viruses

    • –  Diluted bleach solution for non-porous surfaces (70% alcohol solution or diluted bleach solution) is effective on non-porous surfaces.

    • –  Surfaces such vinyl mat coverings, high touch areas (doorknobs, benches, etc) require regular mechanical wiping.

    • –  Some cleaning solutions may cause skin irritation, so take care to use gloves when cleaning, and wipe mats again with damp cloth (water) for surfaces that have greater contact area (e.g. children lying on mats).

That’s a short excerpt.

Read the entire document.

One recommendation new to me was this:

Gymnastics Australia recommends that all its members download the Australian Government COVID-19 contact tracing app (COVIDSafe).

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