wearing shorts over the leotard in competition

One Gym Mom wonders WHY our sport has not evolved to the point where more gymnasts aren’t wearing Lycra shorts in competition.

It reminds me of the 1990s when I petitioned to allow the University of Saskatchewan women’s team to wear shorts and leo. That request was instantly approved. … The young ladies, however, decided to — last minute — compete in leotards after all.

I LOVE Gymnastics, but…

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4 thoughts on “wearing shorts over the leotard in competition”

  1. Nova Scotia (Canadian Province) this year updated their rules to allow all WAG and TG athletes to compete with shorts or leggings. Other Canadian provinces have already adopted this rule (PEI), and I know others are currently evaluating.


  2. I wish it would de-evolve back to the point where leotards usually covered the bottom. I was a gymnast and a coach, but unsure if I would want my own girls to do a sport in which half the rear end is intentionally exposed. Particularly on the younger girls, it feels creepy that the suits are cut so high. I feel like this issue is the elephant in the room that no one is allowed to talk about.


  3. Gymnasts competing in any Gymnastics Nova Scotia WAG or T & T sanctioned event are permitted to compete in form fitting shorts or leggings (of any length to a maximum of the ankle) without deduction so long as the sorts/leggings are plain black, or match the design of the suit.

    This was passed by GNS board in January 2018. I believe PEI followed suit but I’m not 100% on that.

    The goal was to give athletes a choice and the rationale was that wearing form fitting shorts or leggings was not a safety issue nor does it change a judge’s ability to judge/view the skills adequately. So there was simply no reason to not give the athletes the choice of wearing shorts/leggings or not.


  4. I never size my gymnasts so that their bottom is hanging out. However, there is a fine line. Too big and your the gymnast is also exposed. I don’t know many clubs size their leos to not cover the gymnasts bottom. It is a very NCAA/elite thing to do but not a JO/Xcel thing.


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