Amanda Thomashow reported Nassar to MSU in 2014

Amanda Thomashow was the first woman to file an official Title IX complaint (2014) against Nassar accusing him of violating the school’s sexual harassment policy. …

In an investigative report prepared in response to her complaint, the school’s Title IX coordinator called Nassar’s methods a “liability” that exposed patients to unnecessary trauma. But that’s not what the school told Thomashow.

We cannot find that the conduct was of a sexual nature. Thus, it did not violate the sexual harassment policy.”

MSU ultimately sided with Nassar, concluding that his methods were medically appropriate. And, according to documents obtained by CNN, MSU gave Nassar and Thomashow different versions of that investigative report. Her version did not include the Title IX coordinator’s concerns. …

She filed a complaint against Larry Nassar in 2014. Nothing happened

MSU maintains that “no official there believed Nassar committed sexual abuse until newspapers began reporting on the allegations in the summer of 2016”.

MSU bungled Amanda’s complaint, investigation and report(s) in several ways. Ways that look like a cover-up to me.

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