victim impact statement quotes

Brianne Randall:

“I was a 17-year-old that reported your abuse to police in 2004. You used my vulnerability at the time to sexually abuse me. I reported you to police immediately and had a rape kit done … you had the audacity to tell [police] I misunderstood the treatment because I wasn’t comfortable with my body. How dare you? Sadly they took your word instead of mine.”

Jordyn Wieber:

“Even though I am a victim, I won’t live my life as one. I am an Olympian.”

Mattie Larson:

“I was at the height of my career at 19 and the Olympics were just a year away and I just couldn’t take any more of the abuse. I was broken. Larry, my coaches, and USA Gymnastics turned the sport I fell in love with as a kid to my personal living hell.”

Makayla Thrush:

“Nobody should ever have to question their doctor, especially one who was the doctor for the US Olympic team.”

133 People Publicly Confronted The Doctor Who Sexually Abused Young Women. Here Are Their Most Powerful Quotes.

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