McKayla Maroney can speak

USA Gymnastics said Tuesday evening it will not pursue any money from McKayla Maroney if she speaks publicly about alleged abuse. …

Maroney, who first shared her story via Twitter, signed a nondisclosure agreement in December 2016, agreeing to stay quiet about the abuse she experienced as part of a $1.25 million settlement with USA Gymnastics, part of which she said would be used for psychological treatment. …

USA Today 

That’s the right thing to do … regardless of the motivations of USAG. And their lawyers.

The wrong thing to do was to enter into that agreement with McKayla in the first place.

Paul Ziert posted a response from USAG:

In 2016, McKayla Maroney’s attorney at the time, Gloria Allred, approached USA Gymnastics, requesting that the organization participate in a confidential mediation process.

The concept of confidentiality was initiated by McKayla’s attorney, not USA Gymnastics. …

The settlement was paid fully from insurance policy proceeds. The individuals in the chain of approval were: USA Gymnastics leadership (Paul Parillla, Board chair; Steve Penny, CEO); Peggy Holm, USA Gymnastics defense counsel; and a representative of the insurance carrier. …

read the full statement

To me and to everyone I’ve talked to that agreement looks like hush money.

USAG needs show evidence that the FBI directed them to stay silent. Otherwise a payoff to one athlete — especially if at cost to other victims after that payoff — is a cover-up.

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One thought on “McKayla Maroney can speak”

  1. Rick, it sounds like hush money because it IS hush money… violation of California Civil Code 1002 by the way……”we had to give McKayla 1.25 million because the FBI told us to…..”

    are you kidding me?


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