mainstream media world-wide covering Nassar

Gymnastics is in the headlines everywhere.

How many parents in future are going to avoid the sport for their children, … just in case?  🙁

On the up side, children who do participate in Gymnastics should be safer. Education programs will be emphasizing coaching ethics and child safety.

The rule of two. (Or Three.) Here’s the Coaching Association of Canada version:

…  calls for at least two screened and National Coaching Certification Program-certified coaches to be present with an athlete, especially a minor athlete, when the athletes is in a potentially vulnerable situation.

Of course some of the mainstream media doesn’t understand Gymnastics. But they do understand headlines.

I messaged Dr. JONATHAN LAPOOK of CBS NEWS yesterday explaining they had the headline wrong. Nassar was a doctor, never a coach.

They still hadn’t fixed their mistake as of today. No response from Lapook.

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