“NBC Fails Fans and Athletes”

The usual refrain from insiders, coaches and hard core fans. The general public likes the NBC formula.

I didn’t watch the NBC coverage either night. Instead I followed commentary (especially FloGymnastics) and twitter. Waiting for the routines I wanted to see to appear legally or illegally online.

The answer to this problem would be for NBC to later post ALL routines online. Or have separate full competition coverage online. That was the role of the – now defunct – Universal Sports Network coverage. Seems it didn’t pay. Universal shut down November 2015. 😦

NBC Fails Fans and Athletes with Gymnastics Trials Coverage

Rio will be better. Instead of NBC having a monopoly on coverage every other nation in the world will be broadcasting. The Canadian coverage, for example, is always better than NBC.

Olympic problems

Security is good. Hundreds of military in and around the Olympic arena look very capable.

security drill at the Gymnastics venue

But there are many problems.

… International sports federations expressed concern Tuesday over problems with venues for the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, including power failures at the gymnastics arena this week. …

FIG official Ron Froehlich cited power outages, putting at risk athletes’ safety and the scoring system, plus missing equipment at an underfunded temporary training venue. …

Sports federations concerned about venues for Rio Games

Power is still being produced by generators. 😦 Generators fail.

Still, the Artistic competition was a success. We only had one major injury over the 3 days – Achilles rupture tumbling for one of the Austrian gymnasts. 😦 Injury rate is normally higher at these biggest meets.

The purpose of the Test Event is to test all aspects. FIX the problems in time for the Olympics.

The venues should be ready.

Click PLAY or watch a Cidade Olimpica promo video on YouTube.

Yet as I walk the Olympic City during break, there are very few workmen to be seen. You’d expect they’d still be working 24/7.

I’m worried.

(via Lauren Hopkins)