“NBC Fails Fans and Athletes”

The usual refrain from insiders, coaches and hard core fans. The general public likes the NBC formula.

I didn’t watch the NBC coverage either night. Instead I followed commentary (especially FloGymnastics) and twitter. Waiting for the routines I wanted to see to appear legally or illegally online.

The answer to this problem would be for NBC to later post ALL routines online. Or have separate full competition coverage online. That was the role of the – now defunct – Universal Sports Network coverage. Seems it didn’t pay. Universal shut down November 2015. 😦

NBC Fails Fans and Athletes with Gymnastics Trials Coverage

Rio will be better. Instead of NBC having a monopoly on coverage every other nation in the world will be broadcasting. The Canadian coverage, for example, is always better than NBC.

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2 thoughts on ““NBC Fails Fans and Athletes””

  1. I love NBC’s olympic coverage — if you have a cable subscription in the U.S. For the London games, I streamed all routines online. This year they said that all apparatuses will have their own stream; thus, you can literally watch every gymnastics routine competed (qualifications through EF). Of course, the prime time TV coverage that is shown tape-delayed will focus primarily on the American routines and will likely show Russia and China and a few select others. But you can’t really blame NBC for the way they do prime time coverage. Americans that are tuning in during the Olympics watch once every four years and they are primarily watching to see Biles and Co. go for gold.

    Does the BBC stream all routines online, too? I don’t have subscriptions to any international feeds, so I have no idea how other companies broadcast the games.

    I, on the other hand, was disappointed that there was no way to see the “unshown” TV routines from trials. But, honestly, “NBC fails fans and athletes” is a little extreme. I’m just glad I didn’t have to pay to watch some shaky camera work on Flo — I’ll take NBC any day.


  2. Does anyone know if the CBC coverage will be available to stream in the US? I would love to watch CBC or BBC over NBC anyday.


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