NCAA Regional Teams Selected

All regionals will be conducted Saturday, April 2, with start times of either 4 or 6 p.m. local time.

NCAA – 2016 NCAA women’s gymnastics championship regional selections

If you are close to one of these sites you really should make the trip. 🙂 Utah, Georgia and Alabama will be crazy loud.

The top two teams at each Regional are seeded highest. Expected to get through. But there are a number of potential upsets ** looming. Stanford, for example, tends to peak for the “playoffs“.

Ann Arbor Regional [University of Michigan]
Stanford **
Eastern Michigan
Penn State
New Hampshire

Athens Regional [University of Georgia]
Oregon State **
George Washington
Michigan State

Michigan State – Gymnastics Headed to NCAA Athens Regional


Iowa City Regional [University of Iowa]
Arkansas **
Kent State
Central Michigan

Minneapolis Regional [University of Minnesota]
Minnesota **
Ohio State

Salt Lake City Regional [University of Utah]
Washington **
Southern Utah **
Utah State

Tuscaloosa Regional [University of Alabama]
Boise State
West Virginia
Bowling Green

I’m really excited by this one because we’re guaranteed to have a nationals qualifier that we wouldn’t necessarily have expected heading into the season, with Cal, Boise State, and Kentucky (based on what we saw at SECs) in it for that second spot. All three of these teams could get into the high 196s, and Boise State spent much of the early part of the season outscoring Cal. …

Balance Beam Situation

To see the AA and Apparatus specialists invited click over to Gymternet.

UW-La Crosse Wins 2nd Straight NCGA Title

The Eagles earned the team title with a school record score of 193.650 while The College of Brockport (N.Y.) placed second at 193.000 and UW-Whitewater third at 192.925. …

UW-LA Athletics

It was a close meet.

1 University of Wisconsin-La Crosse 193.650
2 Brockport 193.000
3 University of Wisconsin-Whitewater 192.925
4 Winona State 191.650
5 SUNY Cortland 188.200
6 Ursinus College 186.500

full results


UCLA wins Pac-12

UCLA 197.250
Oregon State 196.925
Utah 196.925
Cal 196.725

Another excellent meet. Stanford was 5th.


UCLA wins 2016 Pac-12 Gymnastics Championship
BBS LIVE commentary:

… (UCLA) still expect to do better, but they also got some severe beam gifts today, and I thought floor scores were sort of fictional throughout.

UCLA pretty clearly the best team of the day after Utah’s beam, but I’m impressed how close it ended up and how close all four of the sides were. Would have loved to see how Stanford would have fared competing at the same time.

Florida, Alabama, LSU, Auburn

Crazy good meet.

1 Florida 197.775
2 Alabama 197.750
3 LSU 197.500
4 Auburn 196.975
full results

Georgia finished 5th with 196.850.


Balance Beam Situation unconvinced that Florida actually won that meet. Alabama had a fantastic day.

Alabama misses 3rd straight SEC gymnastics title by thinnest of margins

Oklahoma wins the Big 12. Again.

Alyssa DiFrancesco – Why I quit Penn State

PENN BioMy morals, values and mental health were a million times more important to me than seeing my name on the wall in the locker room

… I was practically raised by my Russian coaches and knew nothing but tough love and endless yelling. “Eat, sleep, breathe gymnastics” was what we used to say to make fun of ourselves but it was accurate. I couldn’t count the amount of unattended school activities because of practice, the long weekends spent in hotels for competitions and the quarter-sized rips on my hands. However, with all those hardships came the rewards and the gratitude of winning a competition or perfecting a new skill. It was the highs and adrenaline that kept me going – I loved it.

It’s very clear that sports are physically exhausting and injuries happen all the time – I’ve been aware of this since I was maybe seven. When I walked-on for the Penn State Women’s Gymnastics team, injuries became a whole different story. …

Why I quit gymnastics after walking on to the team

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THE ARTIST – Ivana Hong

Ivana Hong can be defined by her grace, and her family for its courage

“How do you capture Ivana in words?” wondered Chris Swircek, Stanford’s women’s gymnastics associate head coach. “Her movement is so fluid and graceful, all the way down to her hands and her fingertips and the way she holds her head.

“It’s art, right?” …

Hong doesn’t compete to win, she said. She never has. She competes for perfection, or at least the pursuit of it.

Click PLAY or watch her Beam in Finals at Championships 2015 on YouTube.

Ivana’s Mom was one of the Vietnamese Boat People who fled the war as refugees.

Michelle Hong

Click through to read a fantastic profile on Go StanfordThe Artist

Thanks Cordelia.