Vasiliki Millousi interview

Interesting and detailed. Vasiliki is very well spoken.


Vasiliki: If I could go back in time, I think that I would make the same choices. I have no regrets, even though I’ve been through lots of hard times.

The road is not easy at all but I think I would do the same things, I think that I would even make the same mistakes because we learn from our mistakes and each mistakes has made me wiser. I’m not wise, but I learn from every mistake, and especially my mistakes during competitions. I just would advise myself to be a bit tougher. …

Interviewers: … So what are your biggest accomplishments?

Vasiliki: I have lots of medals from national championships and world cups. I think I have about 13 medals from world cups, including a gold from the London Test Event, I have been a 5 times European finalist, a world finalist and a two times Olympian. I have 3 Mediterranean medals, a gold a silver and a bronze and I have been first at FIG’s ranking twice. And I’m hoping to finish with an Olympic gold… you know (laughs) This would be way too hard …

Interviewers: You’ve said that you’re retiring after Rio?

Vasiliki: Yes, I think yes, that’s what I’ve said. I’m a bit reluctant because I have said that I’m stopping after Rio but I said the same before London. …

Interviewers: I have a question about something that surprised me quite a bit. There was a time when you stopped gymnastics quite early. If I’m not mistaken, you left after the world championships of Debrecen in 2002

Vasiliki: No, I also competed at the European championships of 2003 and I left the sport in 2003. Actually, I didn’t leave. It was kind of obligatory!

Interviewers: Did the federation pressure you?

Vasiliki: Yes. It was the federation’s decision. They sent me a piece of paper, saying “Thank you very much for what you have offered but you are now old and the young athletes coming up are stronger and there’s nothing more you can offer. Best of luck in your future career” …

Vasiliki Millousi: “it’s all about the journey”

One of the most artistic Artistic gymnasts competing today, click PLAY or watch a 2013 montage on YouTube.

Rio 2016 Routines You Missed

– Gaelle Mys (BEL) – FX
– Larrissa Miller (AUS) – UB & FX
– Nina Derwael (BEL) – BB
– Ailen Valente (ARG) – UB
– Isabella Amado (PAN) – FX & UB
– Hong Un Jong (PRK) – VT
– Catalina Escobar Gómez (COL) – BB
– Ana Derek (CRO) – FX
– Zsofia Kovacs (HUN) – UB
– Houry Gebeshian (ARM) – BB
– Ana Pérez (ESP) – FX
– Tutya Yilmaz (TUR) – UB & BB
– Kylie Rei Dickson (BLR) – VT, UB & FX

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

MAG 2020 Code of Points draft

Mens Gymnastics Australia Podcast is reviewing the DRAFT Code of Points. The review period is over end of January. No doubt there will be changes to the next draft.

But if you are interested NOW, click through.

General – Part 1 / 7 2017 Draft CoP Series

Floor – Part 2 / 7 2017 Draft CoP Series

Pommel – Part 3 / 7 2017 Draft CoP Series

MAG Australia podcast

landing on one foot

At a recent coaching course one talking point was to teach kids to land simultaneously on two feet, knees over the toes. Equal weight on each foot.

We pointed out that landing on trampoline on one foot is dangerous. A potential ankle strain or sprain.

One of the coaches was into tricking. They break that rule. A lot.

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There are a couple of knee braces in there, note. 😦