Sean Melton leads Winter Cup

Sean Melton 87.750
Yul Moldauer 87.350
Sam Mikulak 87.100
CJ Maestas 87.050
Akash Modi 86.850
Eddie Penev 86.650

full results

Sean Melton of Columbus, Ohio/Ohio State University, posted the top score in the all-around after the second of two preliminary sessions on the opening day of competition at the Winter Cup Challenge at Las Vegas’ Cashman Center. Competition concludes Saturday at 10 p.m. ET with the finals, which will be webcast live at …

Melton leads after first day of 2016 Winter Cup Challenge


There were a lot of falls and mistakes in this very important meet. Hopefully Day 2 will be better.

The top 42 gymnasts, according to the Men’s Program Committee’s points ranking system, will advance to the final competition, along with the top three gymnasts on each apparatus. The all-around and individual event champions will be determined via a combined two-day score.

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Nemov master-class Club visits

Alexei Nemov has been in the news. Unhappy with parking activists in Russia.

In more interesting news, Nemov and other former Russian greats each year travel to clubs around the nation.

The first master-class of Alexei Nemov was held in Moscow in October 2013. This event has become an annual event. Gymnasts travel to many different Russian cities in order to share their experiences with young athletes. Olympians visited Chita, Togliatti, Samara, Kazan, etc. About 5000 young gymnasts were able to visit such master-classes and talk to the Champions. …



Gymnastics Games needed

Recreational Gymnastics Pros:

we are talking about GAMES, GAMES, GAMES!

… please submit one or more of your favourite games in any/all of the following categories and what age group it’s geared for (pre-school, school-aged or both):

Icebreakers/Get-to-know-you games
Active games (warm ups, fast-paced)
Passive games (cool downs, slower-paced)
Apparatus-specific games (on specific equipment like beam, bars, etc…)
BIG games (larger scale, usually require a bit more planning & prep)


HOW TO SUBMIT: Send your submission to (email, .doc or .pdf) by the deadline above.

I’ll be submitting. My Games video series is being launched by Tumbl Trak … very soon. 🙂


Gymnastics – safest landing positions

Dr. Dave Tilley is concerned:

… the unfortunate reality is that the typical way gymnasts were taught to land growing up (me included) may not be the safest for them and most effective to stick skills. Not to mention coaches are also unfortunately very mis-informed about what the best available science suggests for proper landing mechanics. The concerning typical landing position that we need to move away from is one of

• Knees and feet together
• Glutes engage with the “hips tucked under” into hollow
• Knee dominant landing strategy
• Stiff impact with upright torso

… The reality of the situation is that we need to change the way gymnasts land, starting from a very young age. The more ideal landing we should be teaching and forcing athletes to use is

• Feet hip width apart
• toes, knees, hips, and shoulders close to inline (generally)
• core engaged in relative neutral (not excessively hollowed or arched)
• proper angular displacement of the hip and knee joints
• hip angle generally 30 degrees, and trunk / tibial lines close to parallel …

Why Gymnasts Must Change How They Land

With greatly increased difficulty being competed now and into the future, obviously the “best” landing positions are the ones that bring impact forces to zero with the least risk of injury, especially major injuries like ligament ruptures.

Most of the top male gymnasts in 2016 land their difficult skills in a very typical way.

Check these successful WAG landing positions. (Some are luck, of course. But many are skillful.)

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

in praise of UCLA Floor

The Gym Digest put together a greatest hits list – some of Miss Val’s best routines.

For example, Stella Umeh.

She won NCAA floor titles in 1995 and 1998 and was a member of the team that won UCLA’s first team championship in 1997. Her 1998 routine seen here won a perfect 10, the first of her career.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Of the many great routines selected, my own favourite is probably Brittani McCullough (2010). This routine was shocking LIVE. Much more so than on YouTube.