Bretschneider falls on his named skill

No Bretschneider in the H Bar Final. 😦

Epke should make it, however.

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Germany is in BIG trouble as a team after Toba was injured on his first tumbling pass. 😦

Incredibly, Toba limped back on to the podium and completed a PH routine for 14.233. Fabian hasn’t been training Pommels.

Uchimura falls on H Bar

Rio prelims. 😦 Many predicted he would medal on this apparatus.

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If Kohei is going to fall, this is the day to do it.

His AA total was 90.498. And he leads Floor with 15.533.

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Giants at age-79

Bruno Klaus

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“pulling in” on Flyaway

I’m at a coaching course right now. As always we spent disproportionate time on this skill

Dr. Bill Sands posted an article on the Biomechanics of Flyaway dismount on Bars. A good read for every coach.

I want to do EVERYTHING I can to prevent my gymnasts from hitting their feet on the rail. Or – worse – their head. 😦

Most dangerous, in my opinion, are tucked and double tucked flyaways. While changing position from the stretched long swing to the tucked position, there’s a chance the gymnast will “pull in” to the Bar. That is to say, redirect the path of the Centre of Mass towards the Bar.

That’s in addition to the normal problem – releasing too late.

What we WANT is a “pitch out” of the Centre of Mass. A redirection out and away just before release.

Dr. Bill Sands
Dr. Bill Sands

For me layout and double layout flyaways are safest. Then piked.

See it on The Advanced Study of GymnasticsHow Does a Flyaway Work? (link is now correct)