Miss Val profile in UCLA magazine

The secret agent: Danusia Francis
The secret agent: Danusia Francis

No one does floor exercises like the Bruins, who are renowned for their ability to paint a scene while running, jumping and somersaulting through the air. Such storytelling elements are a hallmark of UCLA gymnastics, says Amanda Borden, a Pac-12 network commentator and Olympic gold medalist in gymnastics. She points to “routines uniquely designed for each athlete” as one of UCLA’s key strengths. …

Coach Valorie Kondos Field – Born to Perform

Miss Val

Sam Peszek tries Danusia Francis’ pose

Yep. 🙂

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Canada’s Shallon Olsen

Shallon has a good shot at Rio. She has very high difficulty on Floor and Vault. Moreover, I can’t recall her ever missing a tumbling pass or vault in competition. Consistency might be even more important than final potential score when selecting the traveling team.

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Canada will announce all their MAG and WAG Olympic teams on the same day. Following the WAG Olympic Camp in Quebec.

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Catalina Ponor to Rio?

Romania will send either Cata or Larisa Iordache. Both wonderful. Either would have a good chance for finals.

Larisa is the better gymnast. And I assumed Larisa would end up being the Olympian.

But Larisa is not competing. (Hand injury.) Cata is. And very successfully.

Click PLAY or watch her Floor on YouTube.

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I recently heard a great Ponor story. While training in Puerto Rico, she climbed on to the Beam. Did not fall or jump down for 55 minutes. 🙂

European Championships Apparatus Finals

1. STEINGRUBER Giulia SUI 14.983
2. DOWNIE Elissa GBR 14.933
3. AFANASEVA Kseniia RUS 14.699

full results


1. DOWNIE Rebecca GBR 15.500
2. SPIRIDONOVA Daria RUS 15.466
3. MUSTAFINA Aliya RUS 15.100

full results

If you want to beat the Russians, you need a MONSTER routine. Like this.

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Beam (excellent final)
1. MUSTAFINA Aliya RUS 15.100
2. BOYER Marine FRA 14.600
3. PONOR Catalina ROU 14.266

full results

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1. STEINGRUBER Giulia SUI 15.200
2. DOWNIE Elissa GBR 14.566
3. PONOR Catalina ROU 14.466

full results

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Simone Biles – backward handspring

Long. Resulting in a sharp attack angle.

But is as so often the case, it’s not necessarily the target technique for every gymnast.

Personally I like beginners to do long, low backward handspring series. Later change the technique to whatever works best for each tumbling line.

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