Division I NCAA benefits 2024

The Division I Board of Directors on Wednesday unanimously adopted new rules for all Division I schools that will require increased support for college athletes. …

All Division I members who do not do so already will be required to:

  • Provide medical coverage for athletically related injuries for at least two years after graduation.
  • Cover out-of-pocket medical expenses (copayments, deductibles, etc.) during a student-athlete’s playing career.
  • Attest that they provide mental health services and support consistent with the NCAA’s mental health best practices.
  • Attest that they follow concussion management protocols in line with the NCAA Concussion Safety Protocol Checklist.
  • Offer degree completion funds for up to 10 years after a college athlete’s eligibility concludes, if that college athlete was previously on full scholarship or received financial aid in a head count sport.
  • Provide the same scholarship protections already required of autonomy conferences.
  • Attest that they provide academic support services in line with NCAA rules.
  • Attest that they provide career counseling for current and former college athletes and life skills development across a range of topics, including at minimum:
    • Mental health.
    • Strength and conditioning.
    • Nutrition.
    • Name, image and likeness opportunities.
    • Financial literacy.
    • Career preparation.
    • Transfer requirements.
    • Diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.
    • Sexual violence prevention. …

Read the full press release.

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