“Golden” – USA Elite documentary

The final episode in the 6-part series arrives July 21st.

It airs on PeacockTV.com. Free for those who appear to be in the USA and who have a U.S. zip code.


The best recent documentary I can recall.

A real time look at changing Elite culture. For the better, I’d say.

Simply having Camp open to the video crew is a credit to Tom Forster and USAG. This is the kind of transparency we’ve always wanted.

I LOVE seeing regular training rather than only Instagram highlights. It’s mostly a grind. Golden shows that accurately.

I love seeing family life. Konnor’s problems, for example, and her family’s support.

I love seeing OTHER issues in their lives. Morgan’s social activism, for example.

Golden is not perfect.

Episode 3 should have explained to viewers the logic of selecting Gabby Douglas for Rio. It’s what I would have recommended. Instead, editors made it look like McKayla was personally unselected.

I was pleased they showed how misses are COMMON in training. But did we need to see DOZENS of Bar release misses? Also, I felt too many REALLY bad falls were included. Some of those could have been edited better or left out entirely.

“Golden: The Journey of USA’s Elite Gymnasts” follows Rio gold medalist Laurie Hernandez, 2017 World all-around champion Morgan Hurd, 2019 World Championships team members Sunisa Lee and MyKayla Skinner and first-year senior gymnast Konnor McClain.

The series, with hour-long episodes, follows the gymnasts over a five-month period as they train to vie for four Olympic spots …


Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

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