Kyle Shewfelt – make it happen

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3-time Olympian and Floor champion — Kyle Shewfelt — has finally released his biography. He’d been working on it since 2004.

A great read for everyone. Life lessons through sport.

I still recall Kyle‘s first day at Altadore Gym Club in Calgary, Canada.

He was 6-years-old. And obviously talented.

At age-22 Kyle was Olympic Floor champion.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Kelly Manjak coached Kyle from pre-competitive through two Olympics.

The EASY thing to do in 2004 as Olympic Champion was to retire. At the top.

BUT after a good break, Kyle decided to keep training for Beijing 2008. His 3rd Olympic cycle turned out to be the most challenging.

Changes to the Code of Points in 2006 didn’t help.

Kyle’s idol was Alexi Nemov for his artistry and style. Like Nemov, Kyle was a fan favourite.

Though I knew the story well — coaching at his club in 2004 — I was still enthralled to hear it told from Kyle’s point of view. Know that he’s very modest in this telling.

It’s well written as Kyle worked on his sports biography together with Blythe Lawrence. And had editing by Steve Cooper.

For 10 years, while one of the best in the world on Vault and Floor, Kyle was the most consistent. The more pressure, the more likely he’d HIT.

Kyle took maximum advantage of specialists: sport psychologist Hap Davis, dietitian Kelly Anne Erdman, physiotherapist Susan Massitti, and many others.

Uldi Hajdu, Eugene Galperin, Edouard Iarov and Tony Smith are additional coaches Kyle credits in the book.

Today Kyle Shewfelt is a public speaker, broadcaster, Gym owner and father who believes in “optimism and the power of a high five“.

I’d recommend the audio version, as it’s read by Kyle himself.

Alternatively, you can buy a personalized signed copy online. An ideal gift.

Related – The Hungarian Academy Award nominated film featuring Kyle – White Palms.

Listen to a new interview with Kyle. It starts 1 hour 18min into the podcast.

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