The “Perfect” Gymnast Body – A Toxic Illusion

Another excellent and important video from SHIFT Media Intern, Sarah Thirkell.

The unrealistic and often dangerous cultural undertones in gymnastics surrounding this idea of getting the ‘perfect’ gymnast body need to go. It is a toxic illusion, and puts young girls and boys on a treadmill of not ever feeling good enough that may lead to a dark spiral of mental, emotional, and physical health. …

The problems range from nutritional information that is not backed by the latest peer reviewed scientific research being given by coaches/parents instead of licensed Registered Dietician Nutritionists all the way to well intentioned coaches who may just make off handed comments or what they perceive as jokes to gymnasts about weight body image, and performance.

Speakers featured:

McKayla Maroney, Former Elite Gymnast via the GymCastic Podcast
Tasia Percevecz, Former NCAA Gymnasts and CrossFit Games Champion
Colin Van Wicklen, Elite Gymnast
Christina Anderson RDN
Jason Machowsky RDN
Ellen Casey MD
Jaime Schehr RDN
Kerry Bair RDN- via Nick Ruddock Gymnastics Growth Show
Joshua Eldridge DC
Courtney McGregor, Former Elite and NCAA Gymnast
Claire Heafford, Co-Founder of Gymnasts For Change

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

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