Why coach Amy Nyman was suspended

Amy Nyman has appealed the suspension and an arbitrator is scheduled to hear her appeal over three days beginning June 29.

Nyman, the New Heights owner and head coach, ordered gymnasts to do so many repeat rope climbs that the insides of their legs bled and their arms were too sore to continue training, according to the documents.

When a New Heights gymnast said she was afraid to attempt a balance beam skill during a 2016 camp the team was attending in Pennsylvania, Nyman ridiculed the girl in front of her teammates, then made her do a series of sprints up a hill and 1,000 push-ups, according the SafeSport documents. …

SafeSport: Amy Nyman made gymnasts feel ‘scared, degraded and humiliated’

Confidential documents detail case against wife of former USA Gymnastics sports medicine and science director

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2 thoughts on “Why coach Amy Nyman was suspended”

  1. Amazing to me that a few gym hopping moms were able to cause such a nightmare with their malicious lies. They also trashed their previous gyms and coaches. These mean spirited parents and gymnasts give EVERY sport a bad name. And SHAME on USAG AND Safe Sport for not hearing BOTH sides of this story. If they had, they would have realized these were just lies started by unrealistic moms because their daughters were not moving up levels fast enough.


    1. Well Lu you seem to know a lot about these individuals. Where you part of the gym? It’s truly sad that people who are not indvolved can make assumptions. It’s just SAD!!!!


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