details on MG Elite complaints

Scott M Reid interviewed many MG Elite gymnasts and their parents regarding their complaints about coaches Maggie Haney and Victoria Levine:

Parents were not allowed in the gym at MG Elite and Haney warned gymnasts not to complain to their parents about her coaching methods, according to six parents and documents related to the USA Gymnastics investigation.  …

Girls who were unable or reluctant to perform skills or displeased Haney in training or competition were screamed at, berated and ridiculed, according to six parents and documents. A mistake could lead to Haney telling a gymnast she was lazy, fat, uncoachable or disrespectful, according to interviews and documents.

Haney and Levine regularly called gymnasts retarded or said they should be in the “retarded group,” according to parents.

“They used ‘retarded’ all the time,” a parent said. …

Sometimes Haney got physical. Haney pulled gymnasts by their hair off the balance beam or out of foam pits, according to five parents. When a gymnast fell on bars during a photo shoot for a leotard company, an enraged Haney pulled the girl by her hair to her feet, according to the gymnast’s mother. …

Special report: Families detail Maggie Haney’s abuse of young gymnasts


GymCastic – Emotional Abuse: The Maggie Haney Eight Year Ban

The Skating Lesson – Maggie Haney’s Coaching Methods

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