Gymnastics training in Sweden during COVID-19

Sweden has, unlike many other countries, not imposed any lockdown, with most measures being voluntary. …

Most schools and Universities are closed, but not Primary schools.

The Swedish government has tried to focus efforts on encouraging the right behaviour and creating social norms rather than mandatory restrictions. And voluntary has worked in many cases.

Most public sports competitions were postponed, but Gymnastics Clubs could continue training if they wished.

One Gym decided to close for 10 days to get organized. Then reopen only for competitive WAG and TeamGym.  (Each Gym made their own decision. Some decided to close voluntarily.)

Anton @GymSwedeAnto:

On the WAG side, we have a pretty strict hygiene regimen the gymnasts and coaches all follow. We’ve begun washing our hands like it is our religion:

-When we come into the training hall
-Before line-up at the start of training
-After warm-up
-After each rotation (sometimes 3 or 4 apparatus)
-After break
-After stretch before going home

We also have rotating shifts amongst the coaching and office staff cleaning the gym for three hours every weekday. This includes sanitizing mats after each use in training and during the cleaning shift, mopping floors, and using disinfectant wipes to clean non-pourous training surfaces.

The gymnasts often help out with disinfecting the mats they used during training.

We’ve also taken to using the plastic sides of our mats instead of the soft sides, as well as laying panel mats over our closed-foam pits to diminish the chance of infection transmission on surfaces that are not easily disinfected.

As seen in the photo, we have marked out 2 meter distances on our floor and all over our training hall …

We’ve also set up five chalk stations at bars to keep distance there as well. …

As far as actual gymnastics, the girls are training skills they are comfortable with, a lot of drills and progressions, and a lot of basics.

Coaches have been asked not to spot gymnasts until we get clearance from an assortment of government authorities allowing us to do so. It absolutely does make things interesting; not being able to spot the gymnasts and keep them that extra level of safe.

One of my biggest challenges right now is keeping up motivation. With no competitions or training camps for the foreseeable future and no timeline for them to return, the gymnasts sometimes wonder what they are training for. It isn’t easy, but we are making it work …

We’ve had zero transmissions or infection …

Leave a comment if you have any questions for Anton.

Update – Another Swedish club closed for 14 days.

Reopened with one class at a time, no parents allowed inside the building (1 parent allowed if the child is younger than 5).

  • First 5 minutes is to wash hands, etc.
  • Cleaning between sessions.
  • No hugs, high fives or spotting.
  • No food in the building.


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